Router CNC

CNC router equipment processes wood, plastic or aluminium, by cutting, drilling, turning, milling and training material. If you can imagine a printer who has as a writing head a mobile drill with multiple heads of 8 tones which does not print on paper, but on boards of plywood, sturdy wood, MDF, aluminium, plastic with a thickness up to 100mm. Depending on the material used the working depth reached can be up to 250mm if working in molding foam.

How does CNC Router work?

CNC router is electronically controlled equipment and receives CAD files that define forms to be modelled. If you do not have a CAD file for the project you need, we can work together with our specialists, from a simple sketch and achieving a true work of art carved in wood, plastic or aluminium. You can make a single product or, if necessary, a large number of products, the result is the same every time.

What can be performed?

Although the maximum size is 3000mm x 2000mm x800mm, imagination is the limit. It can perform panels and decorative objects, structural, architectural elements, applied elements, molds, templates, windows, #D maps.


The applications are endless, from mold and structural elements, to elements of architecture and design, advertising, public display, furniture, etc. For more information, and why not, ideas, please visit our case studies.


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